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Berdan R & D Inc. Aims and goals

Berdan R & D started its activities in Mersin Technopark in 2014.

Objective; is to be the leader in fasteners sector, providing satisfaction of its employees, fully perceiving customer requests and expectations, and being a solution partner company.

Our main goal is to progress towards becoming a global brand that adopts teamwork and total quality, provides continuous innovation, and is sensitive to human health and the environment.

It attaches great importance to R & D activities and quality production with its high-strength products, innovative projects for Heat Treatment, Production Lines and Coating lines in many sectors where strength is prioritized.Kaplama hatlarına yönelik yenilikçi rojeleriyle Ar‐Ge faaliyetlerine ve kaliteli üretime büyük önem vermektedir.

In this direction, Berdan ARGE A.Ş., which aims to keep up with its goals by following the technological development, is short, medium and long term strategies. The strategy; Financial, Customer, Internal Processes, Learning and Development are approached in 4 perspectives. Strategies in these 4 perspectives are also linked to each other in the context of cause and effect relationship. In the short term, in line with our vision and mission, our basic strategy primarily provides training to all personnel working in the company, instilling R & D and Innovation culture and making them permanent, and ensures that R & D and Innovation culture is made permanent and permanent in all departments.

In the medium term, which can be considered as the second stage, to increase the number of projects, patents and utility models with the trainings taken within our company and with the personnel we instilled in the R & D and Innovation culture.

In line with the needs and expectations of high-quality and technological equipment manufactured within the scope of R & D activities, our company adopts development as a strategy to apply the R & D Center and wants to carry out the work within the center. In this direction, our company provides joint cooperation with many universities, research centers and private sector organizations.

As a result, in the longer term fasteners industry; projects, patents, utility models and awards are the foundation of our strategy.

R & D works successfully continues. There are 2 patents and 4 patent applications on the output of the projects.

In addition to all these, in our company in the light of Industry 4.0 software projects are accelerating in the light. The software phase of a program that will facilitate the follow-up of all government incentives to which companies apply, and also software that will facilitate the follow-up of documents in companies are prepared within our company.

Number of Projects / Pieces Copyright Application / Number Utility Model Certificate / Piece Patent Application / Number Patent Certificate / Piece
6 1 2 4 2

Note: "Our General Manager Zeynep ŞEMSİ AYSALAR will attend the Siemens Supplier Day as a panelist on Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 9:00 - 16:30."

Berdan Arge A.Ş. İletişim

Telefon: +90 324 676 44 90 / 1-2

Adres: Mersin Üniv. Çiftlikköy Kampüsü Teknopark İdari Binası 2.Kuluçka Binası Zemin Kat No: İ2-Z02 33343 Yenişehir - MERSİN

Siemens Supplier Summit

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