Chairman of Board of Directors of Berdan Cıvata

Mr. Hasan Şemsi was born in Tarsus province of Turkey in 1937. He graduated from Adana Vocational High School and Mechanical Engineering Department of Yıldız Technical University in 1964.

Mr. Hasan Şemsi received training for a year in Germany and Austria with an eye to improve his German language and professional knowledge. Upon completion of his training he made ​​the marketing of Hard Metal Cutters in Oklar Limited Company with Mr. Şefik Okday who was previously his teacher and with whom they received master training in the same university in 1966. Mr. Hasan Şemsi showed very great success in the marketing of Hard Metal Cutters as to which he also had received training in Austria and which was his master thesis. Mr. Hasan Şemsi began to perform his compulsory military service for two years in 1968 upon prevention of imports. Mr. Hasan Şemsi married in 1970. Mr. Hasan Şemsi worked as Operations Director for 6 years in the company named Denet Civata . Mr. Hasan Şemsi graduated from the 2-year Business & Economics Institute newly opened within Business Administration Faculty of Istanbul University by receiving night education and began to work in STFA Civata Company located in Adana Province. Mr. Hasan Şemsi worked as Plant Manager for 4 years and Asst. Gen. Director in STFA Civata Company for 2 years.

Mr. Hasan Şemsi began to manage Berdan Machine Workshop established through his brother Mr. Yunus Şemsi in Tarsus province on an area of 150m² and 5 personnel three years prior to his retirement from STFA Civata Company in 1982. He moved to his new factory in 2000 with an area of 1500 m² in Organized Industrial Zone of Tarsus province from the previous factory which he had expanded to an area of 400 m² and 25 personnel.

Mr. Hasan Şemsi who gave courses of shaping by machining in Mechanical Engineering Department of Thrace Technical University during his retirement as well as Mechanical Elements in Mersin University also worked as a consultant in bolt factories in Iskenderun province and Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Hasan Şemsi who purchased a new industrial parcel in the Organized Industrial Zone approximately in every 3-4 years managed to make Berdan Civata Company one of the 5 biggest companies of the bolt-nut industry in Turkey with a factory of 9000 m² established on an area of 32000 m² and with approximately 200 employees.

Mr. Hasan Şemsi founded the greatest testing laboratory of the bolt-nut industry in Turkey due to the importance he placed on quality. Furthermore, Berdan Civata Company became a complete integrated Connection Components Manufacturer with the heat treatment facilities, electro-galvanization facilities, dip galvanization facilities and zinc lamella coating facilities in addition to the bolt-nut production facilities thereof and received TSI ISO 9001 and GOST Certificates alongside with CE and TucsaMARK Documents for the first time in this sector in Turkey taken in these sectors and has established Turkey's richest test Laboratory and the cited Laboratory has become the first to receive Accreditation Certificate of the industry. Berdan Civata Company has shown the success of working with Turkey's biggest companies such as Gama, Tekfen, STFA and ENKA as well as with world's giant companies in the Wind Energy Industry such as Nordex, Alstom, Siemens and General Electric.

Mr. Hasan Şemsi has received the awards of businessman and the district entrepreneur of the year in 2006 and 2009 from Mesiad-Mersin Industrialists and Businessmen's Association.

Mr. Hasan Şemsi has received the award of being owner of one of Turkey's most successful five SMEs among 1108 SMEs in 2012 in the most successful SME contest organized by Kosgeb and received a plaque in a ceremony where our Prime Minister has attended. Mr. Hasan Şemsi considers his best achievement in training 4 ladies from the second generation three of whom are his daughters and one of whom is his brother's-who also is the company partner- daughter each of whom are specialists individually in different subjects and who manage the Berdan Civata Company

Berdan Civata Company has become the 87th company among the fastest growing companies of Turkey with 92%average annual growth of three years in the fastest growing companies of Turkey competition in 2013 jointly organized by Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and TEPAV. Mr. Hasan Şemsi, our founder, has received the plaque of the contest at the ceremony held within the activities of 5th İzmir Economy Congress Mr. Cevdet Yılmaz, the Minister of State

Mr. Hasan Şemsi has undertaken many tasks actively within the Tarsus Chamber of Industry and Commerce, City Council, Tarsus Collaboration Foundation, Turab (Turkish-Arab Businessmen's Association) and in particular non-governmental organizations such as TASİAD. Mr. Hasan Şemsi also has undertaken many important roles in establishment of İŞGEM, the largest production oriented Business Development Center of not only Turkey but also Europe.

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