Quality, Ohsas & Environmental Policy

In the fasteners industry, our organization operates in accordance with the regulations and legal requirements for the galvanizing and heat treatment issues, on the basis of international standards and principles of performing at the highest level of quality products and high quality service.

Our organization has an established integrated management system including Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and the security issues within the target of the management approach, risks and operating in accordance with the environmental impact, pollution are implemented to prevent injuries and health corruption.

With our fast and reliable service to offer our products, protecting the environment, experienced workforce, our system using our resources such as technological infrastructure and materials efficiently and effectively sustainable and continuously improving education will continue to be one of the leading developing companies in our sector.

To achieve these goals, fulfilling the requirements of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards and increasing the satisfaction of our customers and employees is our policy.

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